That's gonna be fun!


Stand-up comedians are full of mocking royals, celebrities, overpaid football players, gnomes and drones (by the way a safe combination).


Our show allows room for some alignment to your corporate (mis)practices, specific happenings, team performances and so on. We however never fulfil a request to' have-a-go' at someone specific. On this, the Finance-team is not considered to be ‘someone specific’.


Exceptionally, or probably, or most likely, the content of our performance may not be aligned to your corporate values, may be in contradiction to your social responsibility report and doesn’t fit your diversity and inclusion programmes. As such, get your corporate lawyers ready to sign our waiver agreement. And make sure your company Medical Doctor is in the room.


The show takes ca 30 minutes. Sound and visual-equipment are to be provided by the client. We bring the content; the buzzwords and lots of developmental self-reflection.








Not everything that counts can be counted; and not everything that can be counted counts.

(Albert Einstein)