All of us encounter a stage -or stages- in our career whereby we ask ourselves: ‘Is this it? Really?’ When you doubt about that what you are daily doing. Where you are worried about your future prospects in the job, company or industry. Because ‘it doesn’t thrill me anymore’. Where you have concerns about the work-life balance. Where in fact –simply said- you aren’t happy anymore’.

And also stages where a fantastic career opportunity arises; where you feel that you just need to go for it but have however some doubts that this is right for the longer term. My gut is saying ‘yes’ but my brain shows some hesitations…


No worries; you can get out of it. It’s simple and it’s basic.


Indeed, many have been there before you and many will follow. During a career, everyone encounters (one or more times) a stage where he/she needs personal reflection on next steps. Successful managers do not only question the current status but also work on future options and take decisions to solve the issue.


Here our work is to support you in your decision taking through coaching and focus on your deeply rooted performance and happiness drivers. We walk with you to the stage where you will take an informed decision. And we only charge on a “pay as you go”-basis; you decide how much support you need.


We experience that companies providing this service to their managers soon meet highly re-engaged and better performing employees.


Additionally, we are a respected advisor to individuals and companies where a party has decided to separate ‘in good terms’. Our support includes guidance, legal / financial advice and coaching for next steps.




Sharing your reflections with a trusted and experienced coach, delivers clarity and brings you closer to the fulfilment of your personal ambitions





don't happen;

you create them.


Not everything that counts can be counted; and not everything that can be counted counts.

(Albert Einstein)