That’s nice. You promoted an internal candidate into a senior HR job. He/she is very eager and demonstrates the right capabilities. Or some-one moves from a HR Center of Excellence into a regional generalist HR role; or from a country HRM-role into Corporate Head Office. Or you have recruited a great HRD from within a smaller company.


Now you like to give the new role holder some additional support in his/her first months of the new job so that you and others will feel comfortable on the appointee. There may be some technical capabilities that need attention, or you’ll like to emphasise on stakeholder management, or on how to manage a remote team,… . Or you want to prepare your HR-team for a major integration project.


Here we may be very invisible to the organisation but we are very accessible to the coachee. We bring authentic, non-political and objective mentoring/coaching support based on over 25 years of leadership development to General Managers and to HR Managers.


Apart from some set meetings, we are 7/7 available for specific issues that the coachee desires to discuss and to get thought leadership on. This can be in person, on the phone, video, etc.


This can be your company’s greatest offer to the newly recruited/promoted HRD. Or it could be your best investement ever you make for your own career.


And the offer is very simple: we only charge those hours that the individual wants to “consume”. No minimum framework contract; just “pay as you go”.





"I am not in HR; I am in the COMPLEXITY department. Sometimes I am the MUM, sometimes the LAWYER. Next week I'll be the RECRUITER and last month I was the BUTCHER. Then the TRAINER and other times the MARKETEER.

And you know,

I just love it!"




"My office?

Right next to the CEO.

Say no more!"



Not everything that counts can be counted; and not everything that can be counted counts.

(Albert Einstein)