All our activities are driven by your –and our- desire to bring positive change. This change will be delivered through and authentic and developmental partnership. We strive with you in defining and delivering options for those items you are personally aiming for.

Our work with you is a true partnership. From the early start, we’ll share the same objectives: define, challenge and implement your personal change intentions.


Our business has 5 divisions targeting specific needs:


  • LEADERSHIPbasics

Your desire: enhance your leadership capabilities


  • CAREERcoaching

Your desire: take informed decisions on your career


  • HRmentor

Your desire: to receive thought leadership and advise to be successful in your (new) HR-role


  • HRinterim

Your desire: feel confident on the ad-interim cover of the HR-operations and/or coaching of the HR-team


  • BUSINESScomedy

Your desire: bring fun –and thought provoking reflection- into your team




We are not there to just tell you how others do business, then copy/paste that into your business and next just walk away. It may be worthwhile learning how others tackle specific issues, to hear about innovative trends or to benchmark within the industry. We can bring that all but first and most important are your needs and desires. These will bring you where you want to be. To that place that you -and others- will mostly enjoy; to that place where you -and others- will be most efficient.


So it's about you - and those around you. The point for you is to solve an issue; to move from A to B, to double check your thoughts, to have an objective discussion with a neutral sparring partner and to get thought leadership and candid feedback on your change intentions.




Not everything that counts can be counted; and not everything that can be counted counts.

(Albert Einstein)