YOU first


Like many others, you sometimes reflect on your situation in business life. And most of the time you can sort things out on your own; or with a bit of support from within the company. Sometimes though you have a need for an unbiased view, someone to share your ideas with and test them. Is this right? Would that work? Is there anything else I could consider?


Or you may be a successful leader who just wants to consider some change actions and likes to test these first with an outside expert.


In short, you are looking for some positive change that will bring you more enjoyment and high engagement. You are looking for an objective partner who –without any hidden agenda- will help you achieve your professional desires.




HWDCONSULT International is developed by Herwig W Dierckx who has over 25 years of experience in large corporate organisations in banking, pharmaceuticals and FMCG. Most of his experience comes out of global leadership roles and through the mentoring of senior leaders in over 30 countries across the globe. His change management expertise has been gained through leadership in major M&A and global change projects.


He holds a degree in Organizational Psychology, is a certified coach and Judge at a Belgian Employment Tribunal. Through his years of expertise, he has very profound understanding of cultural differences and also knows the differing requirements and needs from markets, regions and headquarters.


For any specific topic that needs solving but where our expertise may fall short –and we’ll be honest to tell you-, we can suggest and bring in very competent partners to address your issues.


In 2012 he published his first management novel. 'Ratrace to the boardroom' is funny and very relaxing reading about climbing the corporate ladder. This beach-reading book is available on Lulu.com and Amazon. Another great place for some relaxing reading on leadership and career management can be found on the blog 'Great business life stories'.



Not everything that counts can be counted; and not everything that can be counted counts.

(Albert Einstein)