Our underlying philosophy:


  • Trust is the key driver for leadership success; trust is generated through authenticity and a genuine interest in people
  • Happiness is a key driver for delivery
  • ‘Out of the box’ is good for innovation; ‘back to the basics’ is better for reflective progression
  • The ‘gut-feeling’ is rarely wrong
  • Sharing your reflections with a trusted and experienced coach, delivers clarity and brings you closer to the fulfilment of your personal ambitions


Here are some great quotes that reflect our thinking:


Our further answer to the ‘why’-question is as pragmatic as our approach: we just love to help you arriving where you want to be.



It’s not our priority; your success and happiness is our priority.


Consistent to our philosophy, we apply very-very basic rates and differentiate between private and company-sponsored services. In all cases:

  • We only charge for face-to-face time (and 1st intake-hour is free)
  • We never charge pre-work, research or travel time (but do cross-charge travel expenses)


We invoice in 2 steps:

  • STEP1: monthly invoicing based on the services during the month
  • STEP2: At the end of the partnership we invite you to reflect on the added-value of our services. Based on that, you’ll tell us what our final invoice should be! Leadership is based on trust; same for our services.


For HR-interim assignments, we charge monthly based on agreed 1 or 1/2day rates.



Not everything that counts can be counted; and not everything that can be counted counts.

(Albert Einstein)